viernes, 1 de abril de 2016



Another month has gone and here we are again, back to my monthly favourites. March has been a hard month with my job (working too many hours) and things in my life (quite a lot of changes) so this won't be a long one. 

As you probably know by now, I've been loving Saga a lot and this month I did read another two volumes but my favourite of the month goes to Glass Sword. Has been great to be back to this universe and all the story grows more complex and brilliant. You will find my full opinion very soon on the blog but again, Victoria Aveyard has won the award "favourite book of the month"

Always hard to choose a product in this category...and seems that recently goes all the time to cleanser products but the feeling in my skin after using this one is just amazing. Big thumbs up to Själ balans deep pore cleanser.

This month the weather has been a bit mad but in the days that we had sunlight and a bit less cold weather I've been using a lot this and I love it. 

No much of travelling this month after my holidays been working most of the time but a day in London is always a winning to me. I simply love this city.

On the TV shows side, I have been watching the same ones: The Walking Dead, The Flash season 2, Shadowhunters, Vikings and Lucifer. I love all of them and I've re-watched Penny Dreadful. So to say something different, I would say Penny Dreadful is my favourite this month.
Movies side I've watched 2 movies on the cinema. I said I wouldn't watch it but ended going to watch Batman vs. Superman. To be honest was better than I expected. Maybe I've just created so bad expectations that making it good was easy. The other one has been Eddie, the Eagle that I absolutely love!  And this weekend I've planned to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 that I'm sure will make me laugh a lot.

I have two favourites this month that been helping me to go through the day with a good mood:

 the other is Renegades by X Ambassadors.

In this area, I'm still playing my Pokemon Red and Bravely Second. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

And that is all this month. What about you? What would be your favourites? Let me know.
Also, out of line, I just want to let you know that I'm still using the space in but I've been having some problems updating things so I've open this space here if Blogspot still not working properly will be moving here but at the moment I'm using both.
Lot of love
Angela xx


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