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Blush Collection

I know I haven't been too active recently but I'm moving houses and I can't believe how much time makes you spend on it...I can't wait till I move definitely to my new flat. Meanwhile, all is packing, moving services, changes address or cancel accounts...a nightmare...
But let´s move to the nature of the today's post :)
Makeup is one of my many big loves along with books and skin care products...and today I'm here to share with you, my blush collection. If you're as pale as I am, you may find that a bit of blush in your cheeks makes you look healthier and that's the main reason that makes me love blushes.
I will divide this collection into three sections:
  • RED: 
Somedays you want a bit of colour in your cheeks, you want to have a glow, to look glamorous, to attract the light and, in my opinion, these three blushes are perfect, especially in spring-summer when all colours are brighter. The only thing that you need to consider is that all blushes are buildable and excess of this shades could make you look terrible.
My favourites are New Red by Dior, Orgasm by NARS and Peach Glow by Rituals.

  • BROWN:
This is perfect to add a bit of warm, definition and elegance to your face. I prefer these shades in autumn, when the weather still sunny, and you use berry lipsticks and some scarfs...also gives definition to the cheeks and looks brilliant with a gold based highlighter.
My favourites are Santa Rose and Bronze by Rimmel London and Lovejoy by NARS

  • PINK:
These are perfect for a natural glow, a bit of colour that will make you look healthier but that can look so natural that people will be unsure if you wear or not a blush. Is perfect for any season of the year.
My favourites are The One by bareMinerals and Rosy Glow by Dior.

What about you? What is your favourite blush?

Lots of love,

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