viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

Owlcrate boxes

Hello everyone! It's Friday, I don't work this weekend and I'm trying to think about positive things because I'm having a terrible day :(
Last January, I decided to try Owlcrate subscription :)
At first, I wasn't quite sure if I would love it...Owlcrate boxes bring to you a young adult hardcover book and 3-5 book-related goodies. The idea is brilliant and there are many other boxes offering the same but after checking people I follow in Youtube and Instagram, Owlcrate looks wonderful and kind of magical to me.
Anyhow, in February, I received my first box and I loved it, a lot. I feel terrible because I haven't read any of the books yet (being in the middle of a moving houses process daily problems...), but February's box was so magical, adorable and cute. In March, my second box, made me adore Owlcrate and with the third one in April I'm just addicted to this subscription. I can't recommend it enough to people. I highly recommend you to try unless once these boxes. If you're interested in it, let me know and I can give you a referral :)
So your box will be delivered by post and if you're not home you can collect it in your post office like I did few days ago :) What can you expect? When you open your box the first thing you will find is a card, with the month theme and on the back all the details of the items that are inside the box. I always read it after I have unboxed everything, don't want to see any spoiler, hahaha.
img_0210  img_0876
Also, every book comes with a letter from the author and I find this so cute and adorable.

So just come to the "dark side" and join the adventure ;)
Lots of love,
Angela xx

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