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RESEÑA: The Time Machine


H.G. Wells is consider one of the fathers of science fiction literature and this year I have decided to read more classics and no just actual books. This was published  in 1895 and tells the adventures of the Time Traveller in the future year 802701.  

The Time Machine tells the story of the Time Traveler, an inventor living in Victorian England. Traveling into the distant future using his time machine he encounters the descendants of humans and witnesses the end of life on earth. Wells’ first published book, The Time Machine, popularized the concept of human time travel and has influenced countless works of fiction

The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful cover. I received it in my February Owlcrate box and over all the books I have in my "to be read" list I picked it due to the cover in a high percentage. Secondly, I love Sci-fi/fantasy books and movies and knowing H.G Wells was one of the fathers of the genre I just need to read it. I spend less than 3 hours reading it, is a short book and leaves quite an open description of things or destiny of characters to the imagination of the reader, for example, you have a vague description of the Time Machine or you never know for sure what happen to Weena. 
In the futuristic world that we will travel people is divided into elois and morlocks and they are quite opposite. The first ones live in the upper-earth and show a kind behaviour and they are elegant. The second ones live in under-earth and they are more aggressive and they are described as quite ugly creatures.

The book will tell the story of the Time Traveller, a very intelligent man living in Victorian England that will let know his first time trip to some sceptic friends after coming back from the future.

I've lived eight days...such days as no human being ever lived before! i'm nearly worn out, but shan't sleep till I've told you this thing over to you. Then I shall go to bed. But no interruptions! Is it agreed? 

Definitely has been a different, enjoyable and quite short reading that I would recommend if you're interested in this genre. Maybe, in the future, I would read another of his books like The Invisible Man or The War of the Worlds

And you, where would you travel if having the chance of being a time traveller? 

Angela xx

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