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Hello hello again, if I came yesterday with my March Favourites, today is time to my March Wrap up. I did start last month with my first TBR (To be read) list thinking that it would help me to be more organised and read more and...definitely, it did. I'm so happy to say that I've managed to read 4/5 chosen books:
  1. Started the month with The Selection and...I don't know what happens between this book and me but I can't finish it. I started this book too many times. I re-read part of the book like 4 times but something always happened and I have to stop it...and then start again...so I'm very sad but America's story will need to wait till other time. It's now at the end of my TBR.
  2. Following my reading blockage with The Selection I read Saga, volume II. And I love it. Really great story.
  3. After it, I needed the next volume and read Saga, volume III. You can find my full review here .
  4. Moving to classics,  I read The Time Machine by H.G Wells  and found it great. Again, if you want to read a full review, you can here.
  5. Last but not less, came Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard and what can I say? Love it. The review will be up very soon but I can tell you this, if you liked Red Queen...you will love Glass Sword.

And that has been my monthly readings. I have a question for you...What do you do with your TBR book that you didn't manage to read? Do you move them to the next TBR? Do you move them to the last position in your TBR? Would love to hear your opinions ;-)
Lots of love,
Angela xx

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  1. Hello! I´m looking forward to read Queen sword, the first I love so much!!!

    Kisses :*