miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016



Another month has already gone...and has been a great one...holidays could be the word to describe it. 

My favs of this month are:


I loved my first Owlcrate box but I haven't done very well in the reading side...so have to be Passenger...a time traveller story is always a favourite to me :) 


Always difficult this one..have tried again a few new products and I have loved each of them but the favourite goes to Sunday Riley, Blue Moon.


February has been easy in this section, an accessory that I have used a lot from Topshop.


Very difficult to choose...this month I have travelled quite a lot...but I think I will choose Dublin as my two days there were wonderful and I want to come back soon. 


This month I haven't been able to go to the cinema but I have seen few tv shows. I was so happy when two of my favourites come back: The Walking Dead and Vikings. Obviously, both make into favourites of the month but I have also started to watch The Flash and Lucifer and I'm enjoying both. If you haven't watched any of them yet, I highly recommend to. 


Spotify has been busy this month or should I say Spotify is always busy...but the top three will be: Sorry by Justin Bieber; Afroki by Steve Aoki and Por fin te encontré by Cali y el Dandee and Juan Magan. First and second ones helped me with my gym motivation and the third one...listened a bit too much in Spain, hahaha. 


What a month...for all the Pokemon fans has been great, Nintendo gave us a great present when editions Red, Blue and Yellow went out again...lots of memories of my younger years...playing it again is adorable and I have received my Bravely Second Collector's Edition and I'm completely in love with it...

 What will you pick as your favourites? 

Angela xx 

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