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Good afternoon everyone! 

I'm here today with a different post. Recently I have been quite active in my Instagram with different pictures of my March skincare / beauty / haircare shopping and after a few days using them I come with my first impression or review of most of the items. 

March started with a big temptation...I went to London with a friend and I couldn't resist SpaceNK. Once I was inside, I had a small "look around" and ended talking with a lovely member of the staff and discussing skincare products. She recommended me 3 products of a brand that I haven't heard before, BAKEL. I don't know if you are familiar with the brand but for my was the first contact. If I'm completely honest, is not a cheap brand and I wasn't sure about it, so she gave me 3 samples. And I have tried already 2 of them. As I wanted to check results I haven't applied the 2 first days other products and after it, I combined it with my actual skincare routine. 

  • BAKEL MALIC: I'm very impressed with my first impressions. Is not a heavy serum and it helps with my pores. Also, I was advised to apply directly if having spots and I did. Next morning the spot has gone. Overall I have added this product to my wishlist. The only thing you need to be careful with is sunlight. You can't use it during day time. Is a night skincare product due to malic acid. It gives to the skin a lovely healthy glow.
  • BAKEL NUTRIREMEDY: I haven't found yet my ideal moisturiser and this one seems lovely. Is not heavy or oily. You can feel your skin better, healthier. It comes as a cream for very dry skin but I have combination skin and it works lovely on me. Also added to my wishlist.
  • BAKEL LACTOBIONIC: this one is a daytime serum but also can be used at night. Again is not heavy on the skin and helps to nourish. This is the one that I like less. Don't get me wrong, is very nice but I prefer the other two. 
My purchase that day in SPACENK was also from a brand that I'm not familiar with, SJÄL and the balans deep pore cleanser. I'm so in love with this product right now. Is so soft and nice with the skin but really works. The skin is clean, very soft, hydrated and balanced. Also helps with pore minimization. Overall, very happy with the product and wasn't terribly expensive (£47) 

This product is something I want to try for so long. I think our body needs now and then some detox. I love my skincare routine and I check and take care of my diet but I believe is also important to take care of our organism and after a deep research I decide to buy SKINNYMINT teatox. I went for the 14 days trial just in case my body reacts wrong to it or I dislike it a lot. When you buy it, come 2 bags, Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. The first one should be taken before 5 pm as it contains caffeine and the flavour is great. It helps me to reduce the amount of coffee I drink through the day. The second one should be taken every other day and I won't lie, the flavour isn't the best but could be drunk. 
I'm on my first week and can say I'm quite happy. I feel like having more energy, my skin looks good and in general, I'm feeling better. If you are thinking about a detox, go and check this one.   

I know this is a long post but we are coming to the end. I tend to buy more high-end products than drugstore but this month I didn't for a change. 

  • Maybelline master drama khol liner in dark brown: feeling like going back to my younger years with this but some days I just want something more natural and less intense than my black eyeliner. This is quite creamy and I don't like it if isn´t blended with a brush. Used in that way, I love it. 
  • Rimmel London blushes in 080 BRONZE and 010 SANTA ROSE: both very soft, happy and perfect for spring/summer days. The pigmentation last all day.  Very happy with the formula. 
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer in 2 cool medium: I have heard lots of good thing about it and always have been told that is a cheap version of Nars concealer. I picked tone 2 as advised by a member of the staff and I find it is quite not the right tone so I went back and picked tone 1 and I'm so impressed with the formula, the way it blends and covers my undereyes area and the redness around my nose. I really really love it. 
  • Pantene expert collection advance keratin repair: I'm so in love with my Pureology shampoo and conditioner but when I went to buy a new one only received bad news: out of stock. I checked different websites but no luck so until is back I decide to try this one and I'm happy with the choice. Smells lovely and leaves the hair clean and nourish and so far I don't need extra hair washing. 

So that is all for me today. Thanks to read till now. Let me know your opinion of any of the products or happy to read any recommendation in skincare, beauty or haircare. 

Angela xx

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