sábado, 26 de marzo de 2016

RESEÑA: The Time Machine


H.G. Wells is consider one of the fathers of science fiction literature and this year I have decided to read more classics and no just actual books. This was published  in 1895 and tells the adventures of the Time Traveller in the future year 802701.  

The Time Machine tells the story of the Time Traveler, an inventor living in Victorian England. Traveling into the distant future using his time machine he encounters the descendants of humans and witnesses the end of life on earth. Wells’ first published book, The Time Machine, popularized the concept of human time travel and has influenced countless works of fiction

The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful cover. I received it in my February Owlcrate box and over all the books I have in my "to be read" list I picked it due to the cover in a high percentage. Secondly, I love Sci-fi/fantasy books and movies and knowing H.G Wells was one of the fathers of the genre I just need to read it. I spend less than 3 hours reading it, is a short book and leaves quite an open description of things or destiny of characters to the imagination of the reader, for example, you have a vague description of the Time Machine or you never know for sure what happen to Weena. 
In the futuristic world that we will travel people is divided into elois and morlocks and they are quite opposite. The first ones live in the upper-earth and show a kind behaviour and they are elegant. The second ones live in under-earth and they are more aggressive and they are described as quite ugly creatures.

The book will tell the story of the Time Traveller, a very intelligent man living in Victorian England that will let know his first time trip to some sceptic friends after coming back from the future.

I've lived eight days...such days as no human being ever lived before! i'm nearly worn out, but shan't sleep till I've told you this thing over to you. Then I shall go to bed. But no interruptions! Is it agreed? 

Definitely has been a different, enjoyable and quite short reading that I would recommend if you're interested in this genre. Maybe, in the future, I would read another of his books like The Invisible Man or The War of the Worlds

And you, where would you travel if having the chance of being a time traveller? 

Angela xx

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2016



Good afternoon everyone! 

I'm here today with a different post. Recently I have been quite active in my Instagram with different pictures of my March skincare / beauty / haircare shopping and after a few days using them I come with my first impression or review of most of the items. 

March started with a big temptation...I went to London with a friend and I couldn't resist SpaceNK. Once I was inside, I had a small "look around" and ended talking with a lovely member of the staff and discussing skincare products. She recommended me 3 products of a brand that I haven't heard before, BAKEL. I don't know if you are familiar with the brand but for my was the first contact. If I'm completely honest, is not a cheap brand and I wasn't sure about it, so she gave me 3 samples. And I have tried already 2 of them. As I wanted to check results I haven't applied the 2 first days other products and after it, I combined it with my actual skincare routine. 

  • BAKEL MALIC: I'm very impressed with my first impressions. Is not a heavy serum and it helps with my pores. Also, I was advised to apply directly if having spots and I did. Next morning the spot has gone. Overall I have added this product to my wishlist. The only thing you need to be careful with is sunlight. You can't use it during day time. Is a night skincare product due to malic acid. It gives to the skin a lovely healthy glow.
  • BAKEL NUTRIREMEDY: I haven't found yet my ideal moisturiser and this one seems lovely. Is not heavy or oily. You can feel your skin better, healthier. It comes as a cream for very dry skin but I have combination skin and it works lovely on me. Also added to my wishlist.
  • BAKEL LACTOBIONIC: this one is a daytime serum but also can be used at night. Again is not heavy on the skin and helps to nourish. This is the one that I like less. Don't get me wrong, is very nice but I prefer the other two. 
My purchase that day in SPACENK was also from a brand that I'm not familiar with, SJÄL and the balans deep pore cleanser. I'm so in love with this product right now. Is so soft and nice with the skin but really works. The skin is clean, very soft, hydrated and balanced. Also helps with pore minimization. Overall, very happy with the product and wasn't terribly expensive (£47) 

This product is something I want to try for so long. I think our body needs now and then some detox. I love my skincare routine and I check and take care of my diet but I believe is also important to take care of our organism and after a deep research I decide to buy SKINNYMINT teatox. I went for the 14 days trial just in case my body reacts wrong to it or I dislike it a lot. When you buy it, come 2 bags, Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. The first one should be taken before 5 pm as it contains caffeine and the flavour is great. It helps me to reduce the amount of coffee I drink through the day. The second one should be taken every other day and I won't lie, the flavour isn't the best but could be drunk. 
I'm on my first week and can say I'm quite happy. I feel like having more energy, my skin looks good and in general, I'm feeling better. If you are thinking about a detox, go and check this one.   

I know this is a long post but we are coming to the end. I tend to buy more high-end products than drugstore but this month I didn't for a change. 

  • Maybelline master drama khol liner in dark brown: feeling like going back to my younger years with this but some days I just want something more natural and less intense than my black eyeliner. This is quite creamy and I don't like it if isn´t blended with a brush. Used in that way, I love it. 
  • Rimmel London blushes in 080 BRONZE and 010 SANTA ROSE: both very soft, happy and perfect for spring/summer days. The pigmentation last all day.  Very happy with the formula. 
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer in 2 cool medium: I have heard lots of good thing about it and always have been told that is a cheap version of Nars concealer. I picked tone 2 as advised by a member of the staff and I find it is quite not the right tone so I went back and picked tone 1 and I'm so impressed with the formula, the way it blends and covers my undereyes area and the redness around my nose. I really really love it. 
  • Pantene expert collection advance keratin repair: I'm so in love with my Pureology shampoo and conditioner but when I went to buy a new one only received bad news: out of stock. I checked different websites but no luck so until is back I decide to try this one and I'm happy with the choice. Smells lovely and leaves the hair clean and nourish and so far I don't need extra hair washing. 

So that is all for me today. Thanks to read till now. Let me know your opinion of any of the products or happy to read any recommendation in skincare, beauty or haircare. 

Angela xx

martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

RESEÑA: Saga vol. II and III


SAGA is sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe. Thanks to her star-crossed parents Marko and Alana, newborn baby Hazel has already survived lethal assassins, rampaging armies, and horrific monsters, but in the cold vastness of outer space, the little girl encounters her strangest adventure yet... grandparents.

I'm back here with another review and the turn, this time, is to SAGA and the next two volumes 
If you haven´t checked before my volume I review, you can do it here: SAGA vol. I
Now, going into this review, I have to say that if the first one made me fall in love with the story, these have made me adore the story. The comic shows you the hard part of life, the things people deal with after a long war, the loss of people and humanity that leaves...in other levels shows the difficult part of dealing with a heartbroken or with a newborn baby in your life. Saga has romance on it but also politic schemes, violence, revenge and cruel sides of life such as children slavery. All that makes these comics suitable for adults. 

New and old characters will appear and our lovely family carries on with the adventure of finding a place in the universe where their love is possible. Also, we still having the humour and some sad moments as we will loose some character on the way. The artwork is so beautiful in all the pages and the characters are so awesome. In these volumes, we will learn more about Alana´s life, how Marko and Alana meet and how they fall in love with a book and with each other. 

As I have said before, if you haven't read Saga yet I highly recommend you to start to. 

"Never worry what other people think of you because no one ever thinks of you"

Angela xx

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016


Dear Autumn...I have failed my intentions :(. I did say, "no shopping this month, Angela" and I ended falling in the temptation and went to Waterstones. Once there...I did want too many books but I only bought four. That´s kind of alright, isn't it? :P 

But I come with a new resolution, to organise better my reading. Recently I'm back to read and I'm really enjoying it but I have bought quite a huge amount of books, all of them are in my TO BE READ list but that list is growing and growing up...so I have decided to choose between 3-5 book to read each month and no more than 2 with more than 400 pages. Let's see if marking small goals helps me to conquer my big goal this year and read 30 books in 2016. 

With that in mind...my march TBR is:

  1. The Selection by Kiera Cass. I did start this book last month in my flight to Dublin but, as much as I like the story, I haven't had time to read and that makes me re-starting the book over and over again. So March is the month to go through all the book and see what happens with America&cia.
  2. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. February came with my first Owlcrate box and I love it. A box with TWO books and amazing goodies, who won't love that? So this beauty should be read this month.
  3. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I did pre-order this book and I had it on February 12th but I haven't had the chance to read it, so March is the month. I can't wait to see what happens.
  4. Saga volume II. I'm very grateful to the person who recommend me this and I think is absolutely brilliant. ( my Waterstones shopping yesterday was volume II-V). I have started it yesterday and I'm really enjoying it. 
  5. Saga volume III. Don't want to read all the volumes available at once so my waiting won't be as long and hard as would be if I do. 

 Challenge set, will I manage to? I hope so...

See you soon, 
Angela xx

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

RESEÑA: JUMP: Jugando con sombras I

Young Adult - Liah S Queipo- Editorial Vanir - JUMP: Jugando con sombras I-

Liah cambia de registro y nos  cuenta esta historia de una forma muy peculiar. Nos encontramos con un sueño hecho realidad, viaje a Las Vegas con tus amigos y lo que es mejor con tu novio y tu mejor amiga solo que...tu novio es ahora tu ex y tu mejor amiga ha sido sustituída por María...el sueño de Nayala empieza a no ser de hadas. 

Con este escenario, Liah nos cuenta, a través de Nayala, las aventuras del grupo y los misterios que les rodearán en el Gran Cañón. Misterio, intriga, humor (a través de pensamientos o comentarios que pueden pasar por algo inmaduros  por partes de Nayala) y también amor aunque se podría decir que  el romance es una trama secundaria, o al menos lo es para mi, dado que la intriga y los enigmas de lo ocurrido mientras estaban en el Gran Cañón hacen que  te mantengas pegada al libro. 

El final...es de infarto y te deja mirando el libro con la esperanza de encontrar más páginas. Es una lectura amena, como ya dije antes, contada de una forma peculiar ya que Liah usa flashbacks durante toda la novela y vas saltando del pasado al presente durante todo el libro. Los flashbacks están ubicados estratégicamente y creo que es un recurso muy bien usado por la autora. Durante toda la lectura se respira  calma, pero es una calma engañosa, de esas que sabes que traerán tormenta y no es hasta el final cuando se desata. 

No quiero acabar esta reseña sin destacar la portada del libro, muy llamativa, con colores vivos y con un halo de misterio que hacen que sea perfecta para la historia.

Angela xx

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016



Another month has already gone...and has been a great one...holidays could be the word to describe it. 

My favs of this month are:


I loved my first Owlcrate box but I haven't done very well in the reading side...so have to be Passenger...a time traveller story is always a favourite to me :) 


Always difficult this one..have tried again a few new products and I have loved each of them but the favourite goes to Sunday Riley, Blue Moon.


February has been easy in this section, an accessory that I have used a lot from Topshop.


Very difficult to choose...this month I have travelled quite a lot...but I think I will choose Dublin as my two days there were wonderful and I want to come back soon. 


This month I haven't been able to go to the cinema but I have seen few tv shows. I was so happy when two of my favourites come back: The Walking Dead and Vikings. Obviously, both make into favourites of the month but I have also started to watch The Flash and Lucifer and I'm enjoying both. If you haven't watched any of them yet, I highly recommend to. 


Spotify has been busy this month or should I say Spotify is always busy...but the top three will be: Sorry by Justin Bieber; Afroki by Steve Aoki and Por fin te encontré by Cali y el Dandee and Juan Magan. First and second ones helped me with my gym motivation and the third one...listened a bit too much in Spain, hahaha. 


What a month...for all the Pokemon fans has been great, Nintendo gave us a great present when editions Red, Blue and Yellow went out again...lots of memories of my younger years...playing it again is adorable and I have received my Bravely Second Collector's Edition and I'm completely in love with it...

 What will you pick as your favourites? 

Angela xx 

February - Beauty Haul

February - Beauty Haul

¡Qué locura de días! No he tenido tiempo para entrar al blog o escribir reseñas... en estos días intentaré ponerme al día. De momento os dejo con mis compritas en Febrero :) 

Febrero...debo empezar a controlarme más... :( pero he sido débil y he caído en varias tentaciones.
Tras leer varias reseñas y ver varios videos recomendado la nueva base de Chanel no pude resistirme a mirarla en el aeropuerto de camino a Madrid y debo reconocer que es una maravilla. Deja la piel sedosa y tiene una cobertura media-alta dependiendo de su aplicación.
También estuve en Victoria's Secret y he añadido varias fragancias a mi colección que tenía ganas desde hace tiempo. La idea era comprar solo una pero las ofertas y yo no somos buenas compañeras o quizás somos muy buenas amigas...además por ser una compra próxima a San Valentín me regalaron una mini fragancia y unas pulseras.
Por último, añadí un pintauñas de Essie que me tenía enamorada hace tiempo y un concealer de Maybelline que llevo usando bastante tiempo y que tapa muy bien mis odiadas ojeras.

¿Cuáles han sido vuestras tentaciones este mes? 

Angela xx